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Bad Dog Smell

Each dog has its own unique smell. True, the aroma of some tailed pets is neutral and unobtrusive, but there are also individuals from which a sufficiently strong and unpleasant spirit emanates. Unfortunately, many owners are faced with a problem when literally everything in the apartment is saturated with the disgusting smell coming from the animal.

Reasons Why Dogs May Smell Bad

When they say that a person smells bad, they usually mean smells of sweat or amber from the mouth after eating sharp-smelling foods like garlic or onions or alcohol drunk the day before. But for what reasons can stench come from animals? Let’s see what are the main reasons why an unpleasant smell comes from a dog:

Bad dog smell
The dog’s smell from a dog is due to increased production of sebum – a secret secreted by the sebaceous glands. In air, skin fat is oxidized and acquires a specific foul odor (the so-called dog smell). Hypersecretion of the sebaceous glands occurs in dogs with various ailments (for example, with diseases of the endocrine system and gastrointestinal tract). The development of a large amount of sebum is also characteristic for hunting water dogs and for individuals without undercoat;

Infectious skin diseases (for example, lichen, dermatitis, pyoderma, etc.) are also one of the reasons why an unpleasant odor can come from dogs;

Bad smell from a domestic dog can be caused by blockage of the paraanal glands (this pathology can be caused by many reasons: a sedentary lifestyle, weak immunity, injuries of the caudal and lumbar vertebrae, constipation, etc.);

A strong smell from the dog can be due to improper feeding. Doggies that use too much smoked meats, spicy foods, sweets, and fermentative foods can smell foul;

Lack of hygiene is one of the main causes of bad smell. And here is the fault of the owner, who cares poorly for his pet. On the body of the animal, which is not bathed or combed out, a fetid layer is formed over time, consisting of sebum, dirt and bacteria (the problem is especially acute for dogs with long hair like collies, bobtail or Pekingese, as well as for pets with an abundance of skin folds for example, sharpei, English bulldogs or pugs);

From long-haired dogs it may smell bad if there is dried excrement on the long hairs of a fur coat;

Diseases of the teeth and gums make the animal stink unbearably;

During estrus and pregnancy, many bitches smell bad. And this is due to hormonal changes in the body;

If there are festering wounds on the dog’s body, then a bad spirit will most likely come from the body. Wounds can fester when bacteria enter the damaged tissue;

Sometimes a strong odor from a dog may be present due to an allergy (for example, on some kind of food product, medicine or shampoo);

A dog whose body is inhabited by helminths can also smell bad;

Unpleasant odor is a symptom of many diseases, including kidney and liver ailments, diabetes mellitus, oncology;

The dog may smell peculiar afterwards. True, the smell will come not from the armpits, but from the paw pads;

Some dogs adore falling in on something that has a disgusting odor. Some animals may be attracted by the smell of foreign feces, while others lose their heads as soon as they smell carrion;

Of course, one of the reasons that the dog smells bad in the house is tags, puddles of urine and heaps of feces on the floor or on the furniture.

The smell of a dog in the apartment can also be if the animal has problems with the ears. Starting from banal pollution to a serious illness like otitis media or otodectosis;

Though not too strong, but an unpleasant odor happens if the dog has purulent conjunctivitis;

Some dogs start to smell unpleasant during stress.
How to eliminate an unpleasant dog smell in the house

Well, there are plenty of reasons why a pet can smell bad. In some situations, the owner himself is the indirect culprit of such a stench, if he does not care for his beloved animal. And sometimes the reason lies in the serious illness of the dog. Now we’ll try to figure out how to eliminate the smell from the dog if the whole house is literally saturated with it:

Dog care
Once a month, a domestic dog needs to be bathed in warm running water using zoo shampoo (you can use a deodorizing shampoo for dogs, which eliminates the bad smell of dogs). The paws of the animal need to be washed daily after each exit to the street;

To avoid an unpleasant odor, dogs should not only be bathed regularly, but also combed (long-haired – 3 times a week, short-haired – 1 time per week);

It also happens that the dog itself is clean and does not smell, but a terrible stench emanates from her bed. To avoid this, the animal’s bed should be washed every week, choosing an intensive washing regimen;

It will not be superfluous to show the veterinarian that dog from which a stale smell emanates. Perhaps the animal has health problems.

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