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Feeding the Black Russian Terrier

Despite the fact that the Black Russian Terrier is a practically omnivorous breed, it is worth taking the dog’s diet seriously, as improper feeding leads to growth disorders and various diseases.

Nutrition should be varied and balanced. The black terrier, however, like other dogs, best digests and assimilates animal feed (meat, trimmings, offal, poultry, fish, dairy products). Although dogs have an increased acidity of gastric juice (to break down animal proteins), they can also use plant foods. The basis of the diet should be meat products, since food waste from the owner’s table and other plant foods cannot satisfy the dog’s body needs for proteins, fats and trace elements. When these dogs are fed plant food, their skeleton and bones of the extremities are deformed, their coat condition deteriorates.

Raw meat does not contain denatured protein, and raw fat has an ideal chemical composition. Boiled foods lose their nutritional value.

The main food for the black Russian terrier are: meat, milk, fish. You can add various cereals, root crops, herbs and vegetables to these products. Such feeds contain all the substances necessary for the dog’s body. Protein deficiency in the dog’s diet adversely affects the body’s vital processes. When the breakdown of proteins exceeds its synthesis, the body begins to break down its own tissues, which leads to serious consequences. Animal fats normalize cholesterol metabolism, increase immunity, have beneficial effects on the skin and the condition of the coat. So, by the appearance of the black terrier’s coat, one can determine whether there are enough fats and proteins in his diet. Carbohydrates are necessary for dogs as a source of energy. With a lack of carbohydrates, the dog is sluggish, quickly tired. Excess carbohydrates in the dog’s body turns into fat, so you need to monitor the amount of carbohydrate food to prevent obesity in the dog.

The feed requirement of the Russian Black Terrier is calculated according to its live weight, conditions of detention, degree of load, coat condition, season, sex and age. For the normal functioning of the black terrier in the daily diet of the dog (based on 1 kg of weight) should contain:

– fats – 1-2 g;

– proteins – 3-4 g;

– carbohydrates – 13-15 g.

With increased loads, you can slightly increase the calorie content of food. The following types of meat are used for feeding the Russian black terrier: beef, horse meat, lamb, game meat, poultry meat (without tubular bones). Raw meat is fed to the dog in the form of minced meat or small pieces. Larger pieces can be swallowed by blackberries, practically without chewing, therefore it is better to grind it well. Meat products should be 2/3 of the diet (in extreme cases, at least half of it). The dog’s meat is fed as meat itself, as well as its trimmings and offal (lungs, kidneys, liver, spleen, heart, udder, entrails). In terms of grams, the daily norm for black meat is:

– puppies 2-3 months. – 300 g;

– puppies 4-6 months. – 400 g;

– puppies 7-12 months. – 500 g;

– adult dogs – 500 g.

The remaining amount of animal products can be meat offal. Black terriers are very fond of the liver, which is recommended to be used as a treat for training. The udder is especially useful for young dogs because it contains many mineral and other beneficial substances. Beef scar (stomach) is given raw, having previously been scalded. Small puppies are given jelly from put joints and beef lips. It allows you to strengthen the ligament apparatus of growing dogs.

Cartilage bones are very useful to black terriers – ribs, brisket. They have high nutritional value and are easy to digest. Boiled bones are not given to dogs, as they make digestion difficult and lead to constipation. To clean the teeth from plaque, you can periodically give raw beef bones. Avian bones should not be given, as sharp fragments of tubular bones often injure the gastrointestinal tract.

Fish is also a complete food. It contains proteins, fats, phosphorus. Sea fish is the main source of iodine. Before feeding, fish and bones are removed from the carcass of the fish. For small puppies, fish are passed through a meat grinder. Other seafood should be included in the diet of blacks: shellfish, squid, octopus. 3-4 weekly fish feedings should be done. An excellent food for these dogs is raw capelin, which is given in the form of minced meat or whole. It is better not to give river fish to the black terrier, since it can be a source of tape worms.

Many blackies love a variety of vegetables. The daily norm of vegetables is 300 g. Beets, cabbage, spinach, salad, zucchini, carrots, bell pepper are given raw or stewed. Vegetables are chopped or grated. In the diet, you can include a little garlic and onions, which are a preventative for worms. Raw potatoes are poorly digested, so they are rarely and only cooked.

All owners, without exception, know that dogs need to be fed either with ready-made industrial dry or wet food, or low-fat meat, cereals, raw and boiled vegetables and fermented milk…


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