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How to knit a toy terrier

Sometimes we are so attached to our pets that we perceive them as the most dear and close to us. Weasel, tenderness, care – we give everything to them, because they know how to appreciate it and pay us the same. The toy terrier is such a unique and charming dog that makes everyone tender. Well, how can one not take care of such cute, carefree creatures who cannot take care of themselves? Nutrition, daily routine, hair care, knitting – each business has its own nuances that every owner of a toy terrier should clearly imagine. Especially delicate and important thing is the mating of this breed of dogs.

If a small and funny toy terrier appears in your house, mating with it will probably be the most troublesome, but, nevertheless, pleasant event for his care. In this matter, every detail that should not be overlooked will be important.

Features of breeding toy terriers
Toy terrier is a very popular breed of dogs, as it is harmless and cute creatures that deliver a minimum of trouble and maximum pleasure.

There are much more representatives of this breed who want to have such a pet dog. Therefore, the demand for toy terriers never falls, and only a few dog breeders are engaged in their breeding. This is due to some features of breeding dogs of this breed.

Firstly, the toy terrier is a miniature dog, the birth of which, due to its small size, requires more attention and care from the owner than the birth of ordinary dogs. Mini toy terrier requires even more scrupulousness in approaching this matter, again due to their miniature size and two kilogram weight.

Secondly, sometimes it is very difficult to guess the moment of estrus in a lady, when she is ready for mating. It happens that while the dog is being taken for a “romantic date” to the gentleman, she has everything gone and nothing happens. A knowledgeable and experienced dog breeder can easily guess this moment in many ways and catch it. But it will be difficult for a novice in this business, so it is better for him to seek help from an experienced dog breeder who knows a lot about this business, or a professional veterinarian who will give the right advice at the right time.

So the decision has been made. What’s next?

Preparatory stage
In order for the process to go well, the owner will need to prepare for it in the most thorough way.

In many respects, the success of mating depends on the advice and help of a good, qualified and experienced veterinarian. In detail and in detail, study the material on this issue in order to bring maximum benefit to your pet. If you are the owner of a cute bitch of a toy terrier, don’t miss an important moment when preparing for the mating: it is advisable not to mate before the third estrus, because during this period the dog’s body is as ready to get pregnant and bear puppies.

Partner selection
The choice of a partner at the preparation stage is important, as it determines the success of mating and the quality of the offspring: it is heredity that will determine the health of the puppies. For example, the toy terrier in Kazan is a rather rare breed, so finding a suitable mating partner is very difficult. Therefore, it is worth worrying about this in advance.

Knitting process
So, there comes an exciting and long-awaited knitting process. What do you need to pay special attention to the owner?

The appearance of the dog during mating. Do not try to embellish your pet with any unnecessary details. A toy terrier in clothes, of course, is very attractive and very funny, but his appearance can scare a partner. Yes, and different elements of clothing will interfere with the direct process of mating.

Nothing extraneous should interfere with the pair. The room should be closed, without extraneous sounds and smells that may distract. The behavior of dogs. If necessary, you need to give them the opportunity to get used to each other a little, and not push them and “cheer” with shouts.

Give them as much time as needed.
We hope that our advice in this difficult matter will help you at least a little to make the knitting process for your toy terrier easy and successful.

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