Teaching your puppy to clean house
An important concern of each owner is to teach the puppy to clean. It is noticed that already three-week-old puppies specially crawl out of the den to recover. Thus, cleanliness…

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Dog care
Keep the dog clean. Every day, comb the hair with a sparse comb, and smooth-haired dogs with a stiff hair brush. At the same time, dirt and dust are removed,…

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Raising a puppy
Raising a dog from a very young age is the basis for further development and socialization. A dog that is “comfortable” in all respects will not cause trouble for you…

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Worms in dogs

Helminthic infestation is a sick and very common problem. Parasites being in the animal’s body cause enormous damage, since by excreting waste products they cause intoxication of the body, which leads to the death of the animal.

Ways of infection.
Infection with parasites occurs in the following ways:

alimentary – when animals eat feed and drink water from inseminated insect worms;
transmissible – with bites of blood-sucking insects;
intrauterine – infection occurs from mother to fetus.
Dogs of all ages and breeds can become infected, but in puppies the disease is more severe.

Symptoms and clinical signs.
Worms parasitizing in the body (intestines) of the animal cause a number of the following symptoms:

constipation is followed by diarrhea;
appetite increases, and body weight decreases;
difficulty swallowing;
itching of the anus;
rashes on the skin;
feces mixed with mucus and blood;
the general condition and appearance of the animal worsen;
bloated puppies and loss of appetite. There are often cases when puppies on the contrary eat even inedible things.
Also in dogs, helminths are parasitic in the lungs and heart. Such helminths can lead to rapid fatigue, cardiovascular failure, cyanosis of the mucous membranes, pneumonia, blockage of blood vessels and bronchi, resulting in the death of the animal.

Initially, the disease can proceed without any special signs. And with a strong infestation of worms in the feces and around the anus, you can observe the eggs and the worms themselves, as well as the dog can tear worms. Often, severe infection can lead to blockage and death of the animal.

Diagnosis and treatment.
Diagnosis for helminthic infestations is based on clinical signs and laboratory examination of feces.

Anthelmintic drugs are used to treat helminthic infestations. There are frequent cases when the veterinarian also prescribes symptomatic treatment and diets.

Prevention of helminths in dogs.
Many types of worms can be transmitted from animals to humans. Therefore, it is better to conduct preventive deworming in a timely manner. It should be borne in mind that once and for all it is impossible to rid an animal of worms, therefore, prophylaxis is necessary once a quarter. The main means of prevention are tablets, powders and suspensions of a narrow and wide spectrum of action. To avoid worms in puppies, the bitch must be dewormed before mating. Also, before conducting various preventive vaccinations, it is necessary to deworm the animal in order to avoid side effects.

Dog calcium deficiency
Hypocalcemia is characterized by a lack of calcium in the body in dogs, more often in small breeds, puppies and puppy bitches. Particular attention needs to be paid to puppy bitches, especially after childbirth, since while the puppies are developing in utero, with the help of calcium and phosphorus, a pregnant dog …

Leptospirosis in dogs
Leptospirosis is an infectious disease in animals. They can be sick with birds, cats, mice, rats, minks, foxes, arctic foxes and even humans. Dogs are most susceptible to this disease. Most often, leptospirosis in dogs occurs at a young age when the puppy’s immunity does not form completely ….

Ticks and fungi in cats
Among animal tormentors are intradermal parasites, representatives of the arachnid class. They cause itchy scabies (sarcoptosis, notedrosis), ear scabies (otodectosis), iron gland (demodecosis) ….

First aid kit for dogs
What do you need to have in the house? Be sure to hydrogen peroxide, brilliant green, bandages. All this is necessary in case of an unforeseen fight or cut of a paw. If you have certain skills, keep suture material and needles in the medicine cabinet. Be sure to have ampoules of analgin and diphenhydramine. Having mixed these …

Dog epileptic seizures
Epileptic seizures. Not one, even the most intelligent veterinarian, has yet managed to rid a single dog of this. As a maximum, you will be prescribed sodium benzoate. Unfortunately, taking the drug will not give a result. Not the fact that this is, indeed, epilepsy. It’s possible that it’s a chorea …

Helminths (worms) in dogs
Invasion means invasion. No matter how unpleasant it is to talk about it, but it is necessary. Helminths (worms) often prevent our dogs from growing and developing normally. To prevent this from happening, prevention is needed. Practically, from a month old, a dog needs to be given anthelmintic drugs. You need to do this …

Deprive dogs
Lichen is what scared us from childhood. The phrase “Do not touch this cat – it is lichen!” probably every child heard. However, this disease is treated very quickly.

Dog voice tone and handling
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Dog care
Keep the dog clean. Every day, comb the hair with a sparse comb, and smooth-haired dogs with a stiff hair brush. At the same time, dirt and dust are removed,…