How to care for a pug
When a person decides to have a pug, he should know that such a breed requires a lot of attention and complicated care. In order for the pet to be…

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Vitamin and mineral supplements and dietary supplements
In addition to proteins, carbohydrates and lipids, vitamins and minerals must be present in the diet of dogs. Some of them are already found in food products, and the deficiency…

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Puppy testing
The most complete information regarding the personality characteristics of puppies can be obtained as a result of special tests. Babies aged 6 to 8 weeks can be objectively checked for…

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Sun and heat stroke in dogs

Four-legged can also overheat in the sun or receive heat stroke. And this is regardless of breed, age category, gender or color. If you do not provide timely assistance, the condition of the pet may worsen and the result will be a fatal outcome.

The cause of heat stroke can be:

Indoors high temperature.
Very humid air in the room.
Overfeeding the animal.
Physical overwork.
Overheating of the body in an animal occurs due to a malfunction of the thermoregulation process. This occurs as a result of an imbalance between the formation and transfer of heat.

Signs of Impact
In order to provide assistance in time, it is necessary to determine whether the shock occurred: thermal or solar.

Signs of heat stroke:

redness of the eyes;
respiratory failure;
the animal is not able to move independently.
Be sure to measure the pulse, because with heat stroke, cardiac activity weakens, but the body temperature rises to 40-42 degrees. Often the animal loses consciousness.

Symptoms of sunstroke are similar to heat stroke, but the cause is not overheating, but direct sunlight.

First aid
As soon as there is a suspicion of a blow, the pet should be moved to a shadow or a cool place. Then lay it on a flat surface and remove the collar, muzzle, harness.

The body is washed with cool water or wrapped in a wet rag. An ice bubble is placed on the head. The animal must be given water of low temperature. But this is if the dog is not fainting.

If the animal faints and respiratory failure occurs, then artificial respiration must first be done. And as soon as possible send the dog to the veterinary clinic.

To prevent overheating in the heat, the pet needs special care. After all, a blow can lead to a malfunction of the internal organs. Therefore, it is better to prevent overheating of the pet. What needs to be done to help the four-legged friend endure the heat:

There should always be cool water in the bowl.
In the morning, a serving of food is less than in the evening.
Walk in the early morning or late evening.
If the air temperature is very high, the feet and head should be moistened throughout the day.
No need to wear a muzzle, because it will be difficult for her to breathe.
Make sure that the dog does not lie under the air conditioner or in a draft.
It is not recommended to pour water on the dog often, because pneumonia or other diseases associated with the respiratory system can occur.
Never leave a four-legged friend in a closed car.
Do not cut the pet very short, as ultraviolet light is harmful to the skin of dogs.
Do not neglect the overheating of your favorite pet. A stroke is a serious ailment. Therefore, at the first suspicions, it is necessary to provide assistance and send to specialists.

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