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Puppy General Information
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Dog calcium deficiency

Hypocalcemia is characterized by a lack of calcium in the body in dogs, more often in small breeds, puppies and puppy bitches. Particular attention needs to be paid to puppy bitches, especially after childbirth, since while the intrauterine development of the puppies, with the help of calcium and phosphorus, the pregnant dog gives calcium to the puppies. When calcium stores go away, her general condition worsens.

The following are symptoms of calcium deficiency:

The dog falls on its hind legs, lameness, trembling of the extremities are observed, and the process of changing teeth in puppies is also lost;
The coordination of movements is disturbed, the pupils are narrowed, lethargy, weakness, refusal to eat;
The temperature rises to 40-41 °;
Breathing quickens, shortness of breath, tachycardia occurs;
Postpartum hypocalcemia is accompanied by indifferent relationships or even abandonment of puppies. In order not to deplete the mother, babies should be transferred to artificial feeding. (the disease does not appear immediately, so after giving birth you need to pay a lot of attention to the lactating bitch).
These symptoms may be accompanied by other diseases, so it is worth taking this responsibility.

How to treat this disease?
The disease poses a great danger, if delayed with treatment, it can lead to death.

It is recommended that you immediately contact your veterinarian if you notice the first symptom, but if the owner does not keep track, then you need to provide first aid to the dog. Calcium gluconate 10% is injected intravenously, calculated on the body weight of the animal, (carefully read the instructions), if it is impossible to prick for any reason, it can be poured into the mouth, the effect usually occurs immediately. If the dog can give a rapid heartbeat to valocordin, as soon as she feels better, the pet should be taken to the doctor for a full examination, as the seizures may recur again.

How to avoid eclampsia disease?
In order for a dog to grow up strong and healthy, it is necessary to take care of his health when he is a puppy. It is necessary to enrich the body with vitamin-mineral supplements, also do not forget about vitamin D, which is involved in the process of bone mineralization, of course, you need to take them taking into account the diet of the dog;
If a pet on natural nutrition needs to be given sour-milk products, some owners persistently feed one meat, which has a high phosphorus content, it is necessary in the same way as calcium, but it is necessary to maintain a balance of calcium-phosphorus metabolism;
The most effective method of preventing hypocalcemia is to regularly drive the dog for blood to determine the amount of calcium, you should also check thyroid hormones as they play a role in the absorption of trace elements.
If the dog is waiting for replenishment, then a good solution would be to have calcium gluconate in order to help the pet in time.

As a rule, any illnesses and disorders in the body are related to nutrition, therefore a properly balanced diet that satisfies the nutritional needs of the dog, and which has vitamins and minerals that will enter the body in the quantity necessary for it, is a guarantee of good health for the pet.

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