Raising a puppy

Raising a puppy
Raising a dog from a very young age is the basis for further development and socialization. A dog that is “comfortable” in all respects will not cause trouble for you…

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Friend from the shelter
Do not believe myths. If you want to get a cat or a dog, do not rush to ring up nurseries, pay money for an elite pet. At a homeless…

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Puppy General Information
From birth, puppies feed on breast milk. This life-giving drink entirely ensures their development and growth over several weeks. Gradually, complementary foods are introduced into the diet of babies. Some…

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Puppy General Information

From birth, puppies feed on breast milk. This life-giving drink entirely ensures their development and growth over several weeks. Gradually, complementary foods are introduced into the diet of babies. Some breeders use boiled cow’s milk, and then rare semolina; others recommend feeding dogs from childhood ready-made on dry ready-made diets; the third, in the future, does not recognize anything other than raw meat as the first food and main food.

According to scientists studying animal physiology, the puppy’s digestive system is not yet fully formed during excommunication; it is not able to absorb large amounts of feed and is not able to properly digest starch. Puppies should not be offered large pieces of meat, fed cold, hot, salty, fatty foods, as well as food with a high content of indigestible fiber. If these requirements are not taken into account, then symptomatic digestive problems can develop into chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Continue reading

Puppy Home Food Products

Experience shows that the dog needs a special diet that is different from the traditional menu of the master’s table. And first of all, the body of a growing puppy requires a large amount of complete protein contained in the tissues and organs of animals. A general lack of protein in food leads to nitrogen starvation, a decrease in the protective function of the immune system, hormonal disruptions, and a slowdown in the growth and weakness of the musculoskeletal system.

The most important source of complete protein is muscle meat. Some owners go to extremes and feed their animals exclusively meat food. However, an excess of protein in food is no less harmful than its lack, as it can cause toxic phenomena in the body, in which the liver and kidneys are most often affected. To maintain health in the diet of domestic dogs, meat should be 25–35% of the total calorie content of the feed. Continue reading

Dry feed

Recently, domestic dog breeders have an alternative to traditional homemade food. These are prepared dry feeds and canned food for animals. Dry granular feeds have gained particular popularity. However, the number of their consumers and fans among owners, veterinarians, animal physiologists and the dogs themselves is almost equal to the number of opponents.

The benefits or dangers of dry feed cannot be said unambiguously. In Western countries, high-breed animals that have grown and live in nurseries have been receiving extremely balanced branded feeds for 10-15 generations.

The indisputable advantage of dry feeds is their long shelf life, as well as the convenience and speed of the feeding process itself. The need to chew dense granules has a positive effect on the condition of the dog’s oral cavity: the teeth are strengthened, cleaned of plaque and tartar, the gums become healthy and do not bleed. In addition, according to manufacturers, ready-made diets contain everything that is necessary for the growth, development and well-being of the animal. In other words, the owner does not need to carefully weigh and select all the necessary elements in the required proportions – they are already contained in the finished products. Continue reading

Vitamin and mineral supplements and dietary supplements

In addition to proteins, carbohydrates and lipids, vitamins and minerals must be present in the diet of dogs. Some of them are already found in food products, and the deficiency requires replenishment due to special additives (top dressing, premixes, Supplements).

Feeding can be divided into two large groups: chemically synthesized and natural. Natural sources of minerals include finely ground egg shells, bone, meat and bone meal and fish meal, as well as calcium from shells of marine mollusks. Fish oil is traditionally used as a natural source of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E. A useful feed supplement and sources of B vitamins is extract from yeast.

Keep in mind that the usefulness of such top dressing of natural origin is directly related to the quality of their natural sources. For example, fish oil can do much more harm than good, since marine fish are increasingly becoming a source of accumulation of hazardous substances (oil products, heavy metals, industrial poisons) in an environmental disaster. Continue reading

The amount of food for dogs and food allergies

The recommended dry feed rate is usually indicated on the packaging by the manufacturer. Keep in mind that when feeding a dog with Super Premium food, you need half the daily norm than when using less expensive Economy class food.

With traditional homemade food, the amount of feed eaten is regulated by the dog’s appetite. The biological mechanism itself, which provides targeted behavior to meet the needs of the body in substances coming from food, must in its function control the optimal nutrition of the animal. However, this regulatory system is very sensitive to all kinds of influences and can be disrupted, like any physiological mechanism of self-regulation. Four-legged pets are so spoiled in their food preferences that they eat only one type of food, the usefulness of which can be called into question. According to scientists, the real reasons for food preferences and their changes do not always lie in the desire to satisfy the urgent needs of the body for certain food substances. Often this is a behavioral problem, exacerbated by the erroneous actions of the owners. Continue reading

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