Raising a puppy

Puppy Home Food Products
Experience shows that the dog needs a special diet that is different from the traditional menu of the master's table. And first of all, the body of a growing puppy…

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Micro-style in the choice of dogs
Modern fashion nature is unstable and variable. And therefore, following its basic laws and rules, you can skip a lot and stay out of work. But among all this turmoil…

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Puppy testing
The most complete information regarding the personality characteristics of puppies can be obtained as a result of special tests. Babies aged 6 to 8 weeks can be objectively checked for…

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How to make a puppy’s life comfortable in your home?

The puppy you have chosen, in addition to instincts and temperament features, already has its own life experience. While it is still very small, but it already includes communication with both like oneself and with a person. The little doggie well understood that mom is food, warmth, care and protection. Brothers and sisters are not only partners in games, but also competitors, in communication with whom hierarchical behavior is first demonstrated. Puppies also perceive the familiar people who look after the bitch and her litter positively – as a source of food, attention, affection and fun.

It is proved that tiny puppies remember the touch of a person’s hands, its smell and warmth from the very first days of life. On the contrary, having received pain and discomfort from a person, babies begin to avoid it, reacting as a potential threat. In other words, the very first communication experience is of great importance for the formation of the necessary mental reactions and positive interaction with a person. Therefore, as I said, it is important to choose the right not only a good puppy, but also a worthy breeder. Continue reading

You got a puppy

And then the baby found himself in your house. He faces a difficult task – to grow into a healthy, obedient and efficient dog. And it is you who should help in this – the owner, tutor, teacher, defender, doctor and friend. The growing up of a dog under your constant control can be compared to the work of a sculptor, who carves a magnificent statue from marble. And you need to start this work as early as possible. Better – from the first days of the appearance of a puppy in your home. The results of your joint efforts will not slow down to manifest. You will see, day after day, how your four-legged friend grows, becoming bigger, stronger, smarter and more and more attached to you.

Remember: a puppy should not be taken outside until the entire vaccination complex has been given to it (see “Caring for the puppy’s health”). Take him to the room that is specially prepared for the new tenant. As a rule, as soon as the baby is put on the floor, the first thing he “marks” by letting a puddle. Then he continues the ritual of acquaintance with the new territory, necessary for all animals. At these moments, the baby’s brain does an unprecedented amount of work, processing a huge amount of unfamiliar odors, sounds and visual images. Do not bother him, wait until he gets a little comfortable. Continue reading

Puppy primary education

First of all, give your baby a name. Often, puppies born in the kennel are called breeders, and it is customary that the names of the littermates begin with the same letter. This official name with the prefix in the form of the name of the nursery or breeding farm is recorded in a puppy card. For example, my rottweiler is called Miro from Floyd’s House. Some breeders come up with the most fantastic nicknames for their pets in the form of long foreign phrases.

Naturally, in a home environment, such a dog is not called by his full name, but is shortened or transformed into an endearing nickname. Sometimes the “home” name is completely different from the official record in the family tree. However, for the dog it does not matter what they call it: Baby or Monster – the main thing is that the nickname be short and sonorous. The nickname is the main repetitive sound combination that the puppy hears from the mouth of the owner. Use the nickname only as a positive incentive – for example, when you want to caress a puppy, feed or please with a new toy. After a while, having heard a familiar word associated with pleasure, the puppy will give up all his affairs and rush to your call. Continue reading

Puppy Health Care

The responsible breeder is obliged to prepare the bitch for future motherhood by conducting antihelminthic therapy (deworming) and vaccination against infectious diseases a month before the alleged estrus. At the same time, born puppies receive, with the first portion of mother’s milk (colostrum), the most important basis for passive clostral immunity – ready-made antibodies that protect them during infancy. Thanks to this natural mechanism, the safety of suckling puppies from viruses and bacteria is ensured. If the necessary vaccinations have not been given to the mother, the amount of antibodies (antibody titer) in the puppies’ blood is markedly reduced, which affects the viability of the babies.

At the age of 4 to 12 weeks, the puppy’s immune system goes through a critical period of development. The number of immune bodies transmitted with breast milk (colostrum) is gradually decreasing, while their own immune defenses are not yet fully formed. In such a vulnerable condition, the baby stays until the full program of preventive vaccinations, which the owner of the puppy is required to complete, is completed. Continue reading

Teaching your puppy to clean house

An important concern of each owner is to teach the puppy to clean. It is noticed that already three-week-old puppies specially crawl out of the den to recover. Thus, cleanliness is a natural quality of a dog. Until your puppy has passed the course of preventive vaccinations, he is forced to stay in the house. And you have to be patient, removing 10-15 times a day “traces of life” of your little pet.

Usually a puppy “goes to the toilet” soon after eating, drinking, playing actively, and also immediately after waking up. It’s easier to teach a dog to cope in a special place if its territory of movement is significantly limited (aviary, cage, fence). The puppy is taught to cope with newspapers located in a small area opposite his mattress and bowls. The kid is not allowed out of the cell until he is “marked” in the newspapers. If the puppy is trained to use the “toilet” correctly, his territory in the house is gradually expanding. Continue reading

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