Raising a puppy

Key Points of Obedience Training
Obedience classes with their endless repetitions are considered by many owners to be boring and almost useless. And this is fundamentally wrong. The main task of any training is to…

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Micro-style in the choice of dogs
Modern fashion nature is unstable and variable. And therefore, following its basic laws and rules, you can skip a lot and stay out of work. But among all this turmoil…

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Voice Team
With a young dog, you can work out the “Voice!” Command. This skill is very useful when practicing security training techniques (for example, when a stranger is found in a…

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Kerry Blue Terrier

The name of this breed comes from the eponymous name of the mountainous terrain in Ireland, where for the first time they paid attention to farming large terriers of dark-smoky, blue color. According to lovers of this breed, this group of dogs was bred clean in the mountains of Ireland for at least a century. This, of course, is an exaggeration. Most likely, smoky terriers were really popular among the inhabitants of this area, and already in our century, thanks to the efforts of specialists, they turned into an independent breed.

Like most other terriers, carry formed as working farm dogs. Therefore, they had to warn about the appearance of an outsider, help manage the herd, catch or at least scare the rat near the house. And of course, if the owner has a desire to hunt, accompany him, not interested in ungulates – royal game. Remains help in finding rabbits, pheasants, feeding duck from the water. Sometimes it may be necessary to pursue a fox, a fight with a badger. But hunting should not be the passion of this dog – the main thing is to help the owner, no matter what he does. It is impossible to say unequivocally that Kerry began as a terrier specialized in a particular area, it is impossible – these dogs are universal. Continue reading

How to care for a pug

When a person decides to have a pug, he should know that such a breed requires a lot of attention and complicated care. In order for the pet to be healthy and active, one must not forget to take care of it and properly care for it.

Caring for your ears, teeth and skin folds.
One of the features of pugs is a tendency to otitis media, so the ears of the pet should be given special attention when leaving. You should brush your dog’s ears once every 14 days using a special lotion or 3% hydrogen peroxide. During the procedure, you need to proceed carefully: moisten a cotton swab in the solution, squeeze and gently clean the surface of the pug’s ears from contamination. It is also recommended to drip a little drops in the dog’s ears, then massage them a little and clean them with a cotton swab from the inside. It is important to know that if an unpleasant odor comes from the ears of a pet, then you should show it to the veterinarian, as this may be otitis media or infection. Continue reading

Jack Russell Terrier

Small in size, funny and active dogs became extremely popular after the release of the movie “Mask”. Due to their size, they are convenient for keeping both in city apartments, and in country houses, transportation in transport.

It is important to remember that, like all terriers, dogs of this breed are extremely active, require long walks, games at home and in the fresh air, are easily trained in various tricks, are always ready to work and entertain their owners. These are hunting dogs, they can chase a squirrel, a cat for hours, look for mice and rats. It is worth considering these features when walking in the city, even a very obedient dog can get carried away and run after another cat, forgetting about the dangers.

Russels by type of wool are divided into two types – smooth-haired and wire-haired. Continue reading

Bad Dog Smell

Each dog has its own unique smell. True, the aroma of some tailed pets is neutral and unobtrusive, but there are also individuals from which a sufficiently strong and unpleasant spirit emanates. Unfortunately, many owners are faced with a problem when literally everything in the apartment is saturated with the disgusting smell coming from the animal.

Reasons Why Dogs May Smell Bad

When they say that a person smells bad, they usually mean smells of sweat or amber from the mouth after eating sharp-smelling foods like garlic or onions or alcohol drunk the day before. But for what reasons can stench come from animals? Let’s see what are the main reasons why an unpleasant smell comes from a dog:

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All owners, without exception, know that dogs need to be fed either with ready-made industrial dry or wet food, or low-fat meat, cereals, raw and boiled vegetables and fermented milk products. But many owners, wanting to please a pet, no, no, and they will treat it with something forbidden like a fatty patty, salted chips, smoked sausage or sweet buns and caramels. All of the above is harmful to the dog’s body, but consequences can be especially sad, even if the animal eats chocolate.

Is it possible to give chocolate to a dog

It may seem to some that chocolate is a poison for dogs because of its high sugar content (for example, milk chocolate contains up to 65% sugar of the total mass, and bitter chocolate contains 10 to 40% sugar). Sugar actually does not bring any benefit to the animal, because it spoils its teeth, quickly overweight, problems with digestion, finally, diabetes can develop. But chocolate is bad for dogs, not just because of sugar. Continue reading

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