Teaching your puppy to clean house
An important concern of each owner is to teach the puppy to clean. It is noticed that already three-week-old puppies specially crawl out of the den to recover. Thus, cleanliness…

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Vitamin and mineral supplements and dietary supplements
In addition to proteins, carbohydrates and lipids, vitamins and minerals must be present in the diet of dogs. Some of them are already found in food products, and the deficiency…

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Dog care
Keep the dog clean. Every day, comb the hair with a sparse comb, and smooth-haired dogs with a stiff hair brush. At the same time, dirt and dust are removed,…

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creature needs regular movements

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Top 10 Misconceptions About Dog Health and Care

1. Nothing needs to be done with a small wound on the dog’s body – it will lick it.

In fact, the dog’s oral cavity is a breeding ground for germs, and if she licks the wound herself, this will increase the risk of suppuration and delay healing at least twice. In such cases, the wound should be treated, and a protective collar should be put on the dog to prevent licking.

2. The dosage of anthelmintic drugs depends on the age of the dog.

In fact, it depends only on weight.

3. The smell from the dog’s mouth is normal because it doesn’t brush its teeth.

Firstly, a dog can and even needs to brush his teeth – for this, special brushes are sold. Secondly, the smell can indicate various diseases (caries, tartar, sometimes gastritis). If the smell from the mouth is combined with other deviations in health, even small ones, it is better to consult a veterinarian. Continue reading

The correspondence between the dog and the owner

Choosing a Healthy Puppy It is known that many dogs amazingly accurately mimic the characteristics of their owners. Sometimes even the physical resemblance can be so incredible that it causes bewilderment. Even more powerful is the identity of personality characteristics.

For example, fans of German shepherds are mostly physically active and vociferous; Rottweilers – stubborn and purposeful; Airedale terriers are cheerful and a bit sarcastic. If the choice of the breed and its representative separately is not accidental, then close relations and mutual attraction soon arise between the person and the animal. Most dogs can perform several functions; however, it makes sense to choose the puppy that best suits its purpose. Continue reading

You got a puppy

And then the baby found himself in your house. He faces a difficult task – to grow into a healthy, obedient and efficient dog. And it is you who should help in this – the owner, tutor, teacher, defender, doctor and friend. The growing up of a dog under your constant control can be compared to the work of a sculptor, who carves a magnificent statue from marble. And you need to start this work as early as possible. Better – from the first days of the appearance of a puppy in your home. The results of your joint efforts will not slow down to manifest. You will see, day after day, how your four-legged friend grows, becoming bigger, stronger, smarter and more and more attached to you.

Remember: a puppy should not be taken outside until the entire vaccination complex has been given to it (see “Caring for the puppy’s health”). Take him to the room that is specially prepared for the new tenant. As a rule, as soon as the baby is put on the floor, the first thing he “marks” by letting a puddle. Then he continues the ritual of acquaintance with the new territory, necessary for all animals. At these moments, the baby’s brain does an unprecedented amount of work, processing a huge amount of unfamiliar odors, sounds and visual images. Do not bother him, wait until he gets a little comfortable. Continue reading

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You got a puppy
And then the baby found himself in your house. He faces a difficult task - to grow into a healthy, obedient and efficient dog. And it is you who should…


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